Master Cho's Talium

Grandmaster Taek Sung Cho was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He is a 8th Dan Master Black Belt in Taekwondo and studied under Grandmaster Sang Soon Shin, a 9th Dan Master Black Belt in Korea. Some of Grandmaster Cho's accomplishments are

  • Founder of Talium
  • U.S. Junior Olympic Taekwondo Team Manager and Head Coach
  • 1995 International Junior Taekwondo Championships Coach - Taipei
  • 1996 1st World Junior Taekwondo Championships Barcelona
  • International Referee
  • USA Referee
  • Recipient - Numerous Community Awards/Recognitions
  • Over 40 Years Experience

Considering all his accomplishment, Grandmaster Cho believes his greatest success has come from being a teacher.

He, as well as his entire staff of masters and instructors, abide by the school's objective to educate and train students beginning with self and expanding to community according to our